Child therapy & family therapy in Delfgauw

for child, youth and parents

Specialized in loss by death, divorce, illness and loss at school


Does your child has problems with:


Is your child often angry, sad, anxious or insecure?

Social skills?

Does your child have trouble setting boundaries? Does your child have trouble making and maintaining friendships? Or does your child often have conflicts?


Is your child experiencing behavioral or learning difficulties? 


Do you experience a lot of tension in your family? Do you miss fun and connection in your family?


Has your child had a loss experience?

Sometimes loss experiences can be an underlying cause of these problems. 
Examples of loss experiences are:

Loss by death

  • Loss of a parent
  • Loss of a sibling
  • Loss of a friend
  • Loss of a pet

Loss by divorce

  • Divorce of parents
  • Divorce of country; expats
  • Movement

Loss by illness

  • Your child is chronically ill
  • Illness in the family
  • Intensive care for a sibling
  • Psychological challenges

Loss by school

  • Unsafety due to bullying
  • Learning disabilities 
  • Change of school or class

Coaching & therapy by praktijk Mist

For whom?

Children, youth and their parents can turn to practice Mist for a variety of social-emotional problems. Like:

  • Fear of failure and uncertainty

  • Autism

  • ADHD

  • Giftedness
  • Social problems

  • Grief and loss

  • Problems at school

  • Emotion regulation problems

  • Fear
  • Tension in the family
  • And...


Coaching and therapy for children

Children do not yet have the language to express themselves and explain what makes them uncomfortable. They express themselves through behavior and through play. That is why we make extensive use of play activities in coaching and therapy.


Coaching and therapy for young adults

Young people say a lot in what they don't say. In a calm way I name what what is not being said, but what is there. We talk, and we also use music, creativity and nature in our appointments.

Systemic therapy for family: family therapy

A family system is so closely connected that I believe family therapy is more effective in the long run. In this form of therapy the whole family is involved in the process, due joint meetings, parent conversations and/or individual appointments. 


Child therapist and family therapist

Anneloes van der Helm

Mission in my work

I work as a integrative coach and therapist. This means that in my work your child and your family are leading and not the therapy method. 
As a therapist, I believe that it is necessary to take the space to allow yourself to miss what you've lost. From that recognition your child develops (again) confidence in his own path to resilience and happiness. 

My background and experiences

I worked for years in primary education and in education for children with special educational needs. My interest and passion has always been about children with social-emotional problems. So I continued my education as a coach and therapist for children, youth and families. I quit my teaching job and started working as a child therapist in a practice. Years later I started my own practice 'Mist', specialized in loss by death, divorce, illness and loss at school. 
Every appointment, every family and child, is different. I really do my job from my heart. It gives me so much gratitude and energy to be able to stand next to a child and family during a difficult period. 



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